Wine Displays

Showcase wines of all varietals and vintages to stimulate palates.

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Welcome to our range of unique wine displays & racks. We help you enhance your customers’ in-store experience through our functional & beautifully crafted wine displays. Showcase wines of all varietals & vintages to help stimulate your customers palates. Our displays are designed to meet both your budget and project deadlines, while projecting your brands’ unique DNA. We have both pre-configured wine display cases or we can also fully customize our designs to meet your own unique requirements.

Choosing the best wine displays & racks will directly and positively impact your sales volumes. We can design the perfect solution for you, by considering both your product, your customer and your desired brand essence. Let us help you, take your store to the next level in customer experience & satisfaction.

You know your customers, products and brand better than anyone else, when you combine your knowledge with our team of vastly experienced craftspeople you will quickly find a winning combination to create wine display fixtures that propels your brand vision and creates an environment that will inspire your customers to come back for more.

Wine displays & racks

When storing and displaying wine you will want to make sure that its storage leads to the very best customer tasting experience. The best place to store your bottles is in a cool, dim and stable environment. Our experienced team of craftspeople are available to help you showcase your variety of vintages in the best way possible. Elevate your brand & customer experience through our range of customized, high-quality design & manufactured wine racks and displays. Give your wines the right storage treatment and combine that with our selection of high quality and eye-catching design solutions.

Wine wall storage solutions

One of our specialties is creating beautiful tailor-made, mounted wine displays. Our fixtures can be customized to compliment any environment and ensure that it is consistent with your brand’s identity & desired customer experience.

We use a variety of materials from sustainable wood and metals to bring your vision to life. A stainless-steel rack is an ideal choice for a modern look, while wooden displays are suitable for a more traditional or vintage style.

We help you and your team to choose the right materials to produce modern, vintage or trendy wine display racks and display cabinets of exceptional quality.

Wine rack components

There is nothing more appealing than viewing wine in a sleek customized display to help stimulate a customer’s desire to purchase. We help you create custom layouts and top-of-the-range designs. From wall-mounted racks to islands, and barrels. We manufacture our wine displays with a wide range of attractive and durable materials.

Wine rack solutions

For your customers to accurately understand your brand, they need to touch feel and experience it at every moment of their shopping experience. We help you avoid the common mistakes & pitfalls of display planning. We’ll handle the design to ensure your wine racks and displays are the correct size to compliment your unique space.

How to choose a wine rack?

When choosing a wine rack or display, we will keep your brand’s style and your available space in mind at every stage of the design and manufacturing process.

Custom designed wine cabinets & display cases from West Coast Fixtures

Expand your business and increase customer satisfaction with custom-tailored wine bottle displays that range from modern to vintage.

By partnering with us, you’ll benefit from our years of experience and dedication through which we have cultivated an environment of collaboration and creativity that inspires every project we take on. We will work with your team to create a brand experience we know your customers will love. Our team of innovators and master craftspeople are here and ready to help you.