Our team listens and finds scalable solutions.
We're at the heart of the in-store experience.
We'll help your business grow, now and into the future.
Imagine your brand as it thrives.

We Build Store Fixtures

To fully understand your brand, your customers need to experience it. They need to see it, touch it, breathe it – and live it.

At West Coast Fixtures, we help coffee houses, retail stores, grocery chains, restaurants, virtually any commercial outlet, create environments that express their unique brand. We’ll work with you and your team to design customized display cases and store fixtures that reflect your brand’s identity, remain consistent across all locations, and prime you for additional rollouts. Plus, we’ll meet your budget and deadlines.

The result? You’ll open new locations more quickly, be positioned for future growth, and provide your customers with a branded experience that inspires.

West Coast Fixtures crafts well-made brand experiences.

“I dropped another vendor to work solely with West Coast Fixtures. They’re that good!”