Commercial Environment

Commercial fixtures include a wide range of cabinetry and countertops to meet the needs of your business and are available as both standard and customized designs.  Your commercial space needs to be inviting, functional, and pleasant for both your staff and your clients.

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Whether your commercial fixture needs are reception areas, breakrooms, conference rooms, or fixtures that keep your business organized, or desktops and transaction counters that help you get your work done efficiently.

Your staff must have access to an easy to clean workspace, highly organized to your specific needs, and easy to access.  Well-crafted furniture for commercial purposes is the solution you need for your business to run smoothly.  We will help you enhance your customers’ experience through our functional and beautifully crafted custom cabinets and casework.

Our custom commercial fixtures will elevate your spaces with a high-end look and seamless design that is specially crafted to your exact specifications – giving you the ability to make sure every detail of your day-to-day operations are functional and beautiful for a wide range of commercial space needs.

You know your customers, products, and brand better than anyone else; when you combine your knowledge with our team of experienced craftspeople, you will quickly find a winning combination to create fixtures and furniture to meet your vision and create an environment that will inspire your customers.  Whether you need under-counter storage, wall shelving units, transaction counters, counter tops, breakrooms, snack bar, task desk, coffee counters, reception areas, reception desks, wood file cabinets or any other cabinet or display system – we can configure the solution you envision.

How commercial fixtures can be the solution you are looking for

Reception desks and reception areas

Your reception area is a crucial part of the front-facing part of your business and is meant to be a welcoming and functional place to facilitate the day-to-day operations in your office.  We design reception desks, casework, wood file cabinets, and counters that consider the tasks involved in your specific office work, so your clients and patients feel comfortable with the first impression of your office while your office is running smoothly behind the scenes.

Medical, dental, and mental health spaces

Throughout a medical office, there is a need for cabinets and countertops that meet the needs of the health care practitioners, patients, and medical office staff.  This can be a reception desk and filing system or the waiting room where you want to welcome your patients into a warm environment.  Mobile units for doctors to enter crucial medical information and exam room furniture must remain clean and soothing to the people you treat day in and day out.  Organizational solutions for the many medical tools and supplies help make your staff’s productivity soar.

Veterinary clinics and other pet-related spaces

We take great pride in the casework, countertops, and other customized furniture we have designed and crafted for our client Dogtopia – a dog daycare, grooming, and boarding space.   Crafted and branded functional furniture for your veterinary clinic can distinguish your business and help you concentrate on the animals in your care and allow you and your staff to move through your commercial spaces with ease and purpose.

Office furniture

Every office has specific needs and requirements based on the industry and niche you are in.  We offer standard and customized options for any commercial space. Casework, cabinets, countertops, desks, and wood file cabinets are configured to your office procedures and brand.

Break rooms, coffee bars, and snack bars

Whether you want a beautiful yet functional breakroom to help your staff relax, a coffee bar for your clients and the people in your waiting room to enjoy, or a small snack bar that will make your break room a perk your staff will appreciate – we can design and craft break room furniture that is perfect for the space you dedicate in your office.

What is casework?

Casework is defined as “aggregate assembled parts” that make up cabinetry or furniture.  These are the “bones” of any commercial furniture and custom-made cabinetry.  

Casework can be crafted into custom made cabinetry and furniture, such as:

  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Reception and hostess areas
  • Under counter storage
  • Wall displays
  • Wall shelving units
  • Display cabinets
  • Breakrooms?

What customization options do we offer?

We offer a range of customization for our catalog products; we take our standard fixtures and create custom products that meet your branding and aesthetic needs.  This is achieved by offering a wide range of colors and materials you can choose from that allows you to put your stamp on. 

Materials:  color and finishes 

The best way to stand out and solidify your business’s aesthetic, branding, and functionality is to customize with finishes or colors – creating the exact ambiance that speaks to your clientele

  • Wood – Choose from solid, veneer, or reclaimed lumber. We can clear coat it, stain it, paint it, pickle it, or leave it in its untouched state of natural beauty. We use stains, paints, and topcoats that are lead-free, low-VOC, and LEED recommended!
  • Melamine and Laminates – Select from a wide range of materials, from rustic to modern, from textured to high-gloss.
  • Metals – Manufactured corner guards, display frames, toe-kicks, shelf supports—you name it—from stainless steel, black iron, or aluminum. Sprayed, powder-coated, or aged. You decide.
  • Glass – Sneeze-guards, display cases, shelving… whatever works for your brand and style. We’ll help choose the thickness and type that is best suited for the application.
  • Plastics – Greeting cardholders, floral vases, or displays. Choose a thickness, finish, and color. We’ll CNC-machine or laser-cut it. Assemble it. Brand it.

Custom dimensions to fit your space

Many of our fixtures can be easily dimensioned to fit your space. Some of these fixtures include Reception Desks, Counters, Medical and Veterinary Furniture, Breakroom Cabinetry. Call us to discuss your needs.

Custom fixtures unique to your brand, space, and design intent

Custom fixture design – If we can’t configure an existing product to meet your space and design theme, we can design one for you. Call us to discuss your needs. 

Our Commitment and Responsibility to the Environment

We construct our commercial fixtures for longevity, using sustainable materials whenever we can. We pledge to reduce manufacturing waste by 50% over the next five years through the implementation of corporate conservation policies and to consistently seek new initiatives that positively impact the world and our communities. Since we are a U.S.-based manufacturer – transportation and fuel waste are minimized. In addition, we stay highly attuned to the environmental changes that are applied to the manufacturing process and waste that ensues.

Partnering with us means we welcome input that brings mutual initiatives for sustainability together to a cohesive and conscious space that enhances the areas your customers use intimately with their family, friends, and business associates. 

How do we start your journey to functional and custom-made casework and cabinetry for your customers?

We will work with you and your team to design custom commercial cabinets, casework, desks, and more available in various materials that reflect your brand’s identity, remain consistent across all locations, and prime you for additional rollouts. Plus, we will meet your budget and deadlines. We will collaborate with your team, whether store managers, owners, architects, interior designers, project managers, or general contractors.  

Contact us to start a long-lasting relationship built on integrity and the goal of your growth and success while serving your customers with the best experience that you can offer.