Fixtures & Displays

At West Coast Fixtures, we manufacture custom store fixtures that are consistent with your brand—and your store’s specific needs. Display shelves. Grab-and-go counters. Checkstands. Airport kiosks. Whatever you need, we’re ready when you are.

Banana Racks

Showcase fruit, or vegetables, on space-saving, easily moved displays.

Banquette Seating

Offer comfortable, impressive seating for customers and guests.


Provide customers with comfortable areas to dine, drink, or wait for a table.

Beverage Stations & Trash Receptacles

Provide convenient areas to get refills, return used items, and dispose of trash.


Keep your workspace clean with under-counter storage and wall shelving units.

Checkstands & Impulse Displays

Make checkout easy and encourage customers to grab last-minute items.

Coffee House Displays

Organize pastries, drinks, and snacks, beautifully.

Coffee Merchandisers

Entice customers by showcasing coffee in upscale displays.

Floral Displays

Display flowers, plants, and ancillary items on custom potters’ racks.

Produce Fixtures

Show off your fresh produce in easy-to-stock, easy-to-shop fixtures.

Retail Displays

Ease the shopping experience with displays that enhance and organize merchandise.


Brand your space and highlight your products with custom signage.


Enhance the dining experience with solid tabletops.

Wine Displays

Showcase wines of all varietals and vintages to stimulate palates.