Coffee House Displays

Organize pastries, drinks, and snacks, beautifully.

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Welcome to our unique selection of café display cabinets designed specifically for coffee shops & coffee houses.

The right choice of display cabinets and displays will have a direct and positive impact on your sales revenue. This is why West Coast Fixtures can help you choose the perfect coffee shop displays for your products and your unique brand & customer experience.

No one knows your brand, products, and customers better than you. Combine this with West Coast Fixtures extensive experience in developing coffee shop display solutions, we work with you and your team to form a partnership that will help grow your store sales and enhance your customers’ experience.

The way your coffee shop looks and feels determines your customer’s experience. A coffee display case is a counter made of glass and wood or metal that’s used to showcase shop drinks, pastries and snacks to consumers.

If you are looking for beautiful and functional counter displays, then you have come to the right place.

Here just are a few of the considerations that our experienced team of craftspeople will consider when designing and manufacturing your coffee shop display cases and cabinets.

Choosing the right size & shape

The size and shape of your display counters are just as important as the exquisite coffee that you brew. Selecting the wrong size can leave you with an awkwardly fitting shop display. To prevent this, we will consider the following questions. How much space does the counter occupy? Does it leave room for free-flowing movement of both staff and customers? Will it accommodate all of your product range in a complementary flow?

The shape of your counters will help create a visual effect and will help you organize your service points. We will help you create the perfect cafe display case that makes it easier for customers to browse, place an order and pay without causing delays or unwanted traffic.

Choosing the right materials

We believe in creating fixtures that are highly functional, durable and both easy to clean and maintain

Our coffee shop displays will be manufactured to the highest standards using an approved list of materials and finishes that adhere to all health standards and regulations.

Presentation is everything and a great coffee shop display should grab your customer’s attention and woo them into making additional impulse purchases.

Our coffee shop counter displays have decorative fixtures that give your coffee shop a unique identity. We also work with you and your team to choose a color palette to both match and compliment your brand’s unique aesthetics.

Customizing your cafe displays

Coffee shops need a unique look and feel to create the right atmosphere. Our team will help you create a unique counter display case that complements your layout and reflects your brand. You can get a custom-made cafe display cabinet that can also be designed to suit your various locations and varying shop sizes.

How to choose the right display case?

Before selecting a cafe display case, we will give consideration to what the display case will hold, the material it is made out of, how adjustable, versatile and durable it needs to be.

How to make a display case look good?

You can make your display case more attractive by keeping it clean and organized and using complimentary good lighting to add texture & tone.

Custom designed café display cabinets from West Coast Fixtures

Give us a call to explore how an existing design or a fully customized solution can help you meet your budget and deadline, while creating an inspiring customer and brand experience. Our team of innovators and master craftspeople are here and ready to help you.