Retail Store Fixtures

West Coast Fixtures is your source for high-quality wood retail store displays, fixtures, checkout counters, retail display tables, retail display risers, retail shelving, retail display stands, and casework. 

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We offer a wide range of retail store displays and fixtures to meet your customer’s needs, showcase your products and merchandise and provide your staff with easy to maintain and easy to stock options that are crafted with high-quality woods and other materials.  We offer both pre-configured options as well as custom retail fixtures and displays.

With increased reliance and preferences toward online shopping – elevating your brick-and-mortar retail business is crucial to sales and word of mouth.  Retail store fixtures configured to your specifications can improve your store’s atmosphere and, therefore, your customer’s in-store experience.

Choosing adaptable, beautiful, and highly functional retail displays and fixtures will directly and positively impact your sales volumes. If we don’t have an existing design that meets your needs, we can configure the perfect solution by considering both your product and your customer and align your branding throughout every piece. Crafted for a memorable in-store experience, our retail displays and fixtures are designed in a collaborative partnership – realizing your business goals.

Showcase Your Products with Custom Retail Displays and Fixtures

We provide pre-configured retail solutions that accommodate your unique product lines and brand so that you create a lasting impression on your customers that will wow them and have them returning to your store.  Create a functional and organized shopping experience that aligns with your aesthetic, your branding, and your sales goals.

Retail Display Shelving, Cases, and Counters

West Coast Fixtures offers well-crafted display cases and shelving that create a functional and organized space configured to your business needs, specifications, and branding, including under-counter storage and wall shelving.

Multi-Functional Displays

We carry a wide range of retail display shelving, cases, and tables, including bushel basket stands, slat wall, greeting card towers, tiered displays, wood gondolas, and display boxes and drawers for all your merchandising needs.

Checkstands and Point of Service

Customized checkstands and point of sale fixtures with high-quality wood for your retail store’s brand, needs, and functionality, including point of sale displays, information kiosks, podiums, and mobile check stands.

Retail Store Signage

Custom signage and Chalkboard Signs that elevate your retail store aesthetic with attention-grabbing advertising for your sales and promotions while being trendy, eco-friendly, sustainable, and efficient for you to change out your messaging for featured products and specials.

Create the ideal display layout for a retail store and product lines

These are just some of the benefits of going with high-quality custom retail store fixtures:

  • You choose from a wide range of unique retail displays and fixtures that compliment your space, customers’ shopping style, and staff movement and stocking techniques, creating the ideal personalized shopping experience that you wish to offer every customer.
  • Create gorgeous and inviting areas in your store that showcase the products and merchandise you want to move, whether they are high-end items, impulse buys, or sale items you need to move from your stock. Easy to shop from and accessible to stock displays and fixtures that transform your retail store into a unique shopping experience
  • Display seasonal items and promotions with ease at the front of your store or on aisle endcaps
  • Checkstands and end caps that allow your customers to check out at a more natural environment with high-quality wood – relaxing your customers as they shop and purchase from you and increasing the likelihood that they will shop again and share their positive experience with their friends and social network
  • Create a memorable shopping experience that starts the moment someone enters your retail store and lasts long after they’ve left
  • Work with our design team to take your display solutions to the next level. We’ll design fixtures and configurations that complement your products and your customer’s unique shopping habits

What customization options do we offer?

We offer a range of customization for our catalog products; we take our standard fixtures and create custom products that meet your branding and aesthetic needs.  This is achieved by offering a wide range of colors and materials you can choose from to personalize our fixtures to your brand and environment.

Materials:  color and finishes

The best way to stand out and solidify your business’s aesthetic, branding, and functionality is to customize with finishes or colors – creating the exact ambiance that speaks to your clientele.

  • Wood – Choose from solid, veneer, or reclaimed lumber. We can clear coat it, stain it, paint it, pickle it, or leave it in its untouched state of natural beauty. We use stains, paints, and topcoats that are lead-free, low-VOC, and LEED recommended!
  • Melamine and Laminates – Select from a wide range of materials, from rustic to modern, from textured to high-gloss.
  • Metals – Manufactured corner guards, display frames, toe-kicks, shelf supports—you name it—from stainless steel, black iron, or aluminum. Sprayed, powder-coated, or aged. You decide.
  • Glass – Sneeze-guards, display cases, shelving… whatever works for your brand and style. We’ll help choose the thickness and type that is best suited for the application.
  • Plastics – Greeting cardholders, floral vases, or displays. Choose a thickness, finish, and color. We’ll CNC-machine or laser-cut it. Assemble it. Brand it.

Custom dimensions to fit your space

Many of our fixtures can be easily dimensioned to fit your space. Some of these fixtures include: Retail Display Shelving, Retail Display Cases, Retail Tables, Slat Walls, Point of Service Fixtures, Retail Store Signage and Tiered Displays. Call us to discuss your needs.

Custom fixtures unique to your brand, space, and design intent

Custom fixture design – If we can’t configure an existing product to meet your space and design theme, we can design one for you. Call us to discuss your needs. 

We create unique retail fixtures that are highly functional, durable, easy to maintain, and consistent at each of your store locations. We have practical knowledge of the processes needed for all types of displays and can design and produce fixtures tailored to the needs of your unique retail space and product range.

Contact us to get started creating the customized retail store space that will support your sales objectives.