Bread & Baked Goods Displays

Welcome to our unique selection of Bakery Display Cases. 

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Showcase your fresh bread and bakery goods with our high-quality wooden bakery display cases. We can discuss the perfect solution for your products and brand, taking your store to the next level in customer experience and satisfaction. Visually beautiful, well-crafted to your specifications, our bakery cases spotlight your bread, pastries, donuts, cakes, pies, and more.

We have designed a range of wooden baked goods displays crafted to enhance your bakery and bread selections, as well as perfecting the shopping experience with dedicated displays that cater to specific products, including baguettes, tortillas, and sweets. As always, configurations can be made to meet the dimensional needs of your bakery section within your grocery store or restaurant.

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality material and finish options that will truly highlight the purpose of your bakery displays: to provide a unique and exciting shopping experience for your customers with efficient, well-made, and stylish collections.

We offer a range of custom-made market-style tables, stands, racks, and displays that are easy-to-stock and easy-to-shop, including:

  • Bread Island – A freestanding, mobile display that allows shopping from all sides, showcasing your freshly baked goods. Angled shelves allow for more visibility, and a removable baguette bin gives a range of options for your bread selections.
  • Bread and Baguette Stand – Designed as a wall display or end cap with curved shelves to add dimension and includes baguette wells for easy accessibility to your fresh baked bread.
  • Bread Wall Display – Crafted for visibility and versatility to showcase a variety of bread, including double baguette bins.
  • Bread Rack – An adaptable display to feature your delicious bread and baked goods with shelves that allow more accessibility and more efficient stocking of products.
  • Tortilla Display Rack – The perfect place to display your round baked goods like tortillas, pita bread, or sandwich wraps. Efficient and accessible for both customers and staff are replenishing products.
  • Sweets Wall Unit – Crafted as a wooden wall display or end cap to showcase your sweetest baked goods like pies, cakes, and cookies.
  • Sweets Table – Freestanding bakery display with optional pedestals to allow for 360-degree customer interaction in your grocery or retail store.

What is the best way to display baked goods?

When choosing the suitable bakery display cases for your grocery, specialty, ethnic grocery, natural food store, or restaurant, consider these two essential factors as a starting point.

1 Are your bakery display fixtures practical?

  • Is it easy for your customers to access baked goods?
  • Does the display case meet the needs of your unique space & environment?
  • Stocking, cleanliness & hygiene?
  • Are your bakery displays designed for durability and longevity?

You want your customers to be able to access your fresh baked goods easily, as well as your staff for stocking purposes.  We offer adjustable and angled shelving on some products for accessibility.

A golden rule of successful retail is to wisely use the space you pay so much for. Not only must the bakery case enhance the aesthetics of your store, but it must also be the correct dimensions, shape, and form to allow for free and flowing movement for your merchandise.

When displaying food and consumables, it is essential that customers feel confident in the cleanliness and hygiene of the goods presented. Retaining the confidence of your consumers is only possible if your display case is easy to clean and maintain.

We craft our custom displays for durability, longevity, and surfaces easily cleaned and sanitized.  We use our knowledge of the NSF certification process for food safety and can design and produce qualifying fixtures tailored to your needs.

2. Do your bakery display cases enhance your customer’s brand experience?

A customer visit to your store should be the ultimate brand engagement opportunity.

A well-designed display case can be the difference between positive and negative online presence – as customers are more likely to admire and share your baked goods and bread products when presented on a distinctive display. It is not just the look and feel of the storage space but also the ease of shopping and selecting your products that make customers’ shopping experience memorable and enjoyable.

Customers will always value authentic brands – from your brand’s unique messaging to your genuine approach to the visual experience of your store.  For example, if one of your brand’s values is sustainability and your baked goods are presented in bakery displays made of natural wood materials, then you are doing something right. Staying true to your brand promise will help create loyal customers who appreciate the extra effort involved in both the products you sell and how you display them.

What customization options do we offer?

We offer a range of configuration options for our catalog products; using our standard fixture designs we create custom products that meet your branding and aesthetic needs.  We achieve this by offering a wide range of colors and materials you can choose from which allows you to put your stamp on the finished product. Depending on the fixture design, these include wood, melamine, laminate, metal, glass, and plastic options.  Many of our products can be easily dimensioned to fit your space – contact us to discuss how we can adapt our fixtures for your needs.

If we can’t configure an existing product to meet your space and design theme, we can design one for you. Call us to discuss your needs.

What makes our bakery display fixtures unique?

For over 20 years, West Coast Fixtures has carefully developed diverse and detail-oriented designs, production processes, and supplier networks that position us to assist you in creating your brand’s unique in-store experience. Our collaborative team will work closely with your team to create the grocery and retail experience you envision will inspire your customers.

We have designed and manufactured NSF Certified (food safety) and UL Listed (electrical) store fixtures. Using our knowledge of the certification processes, we can create and configure store fixtures tailored to your needs.

We design our bakery fixtures and displays to efficiently utilize your space while giving maximum visibility to your product selections, attracting the highest number of shoppers. We create in-store fixtures and displays of superb quality, value, and craftsmanship, primarily in high-quality wood with glass and metal features.  We craft baked goods fixture displays exclusive to your vision, your brand, and your customers for the growth and success of your business.

High-quality products – made in the U.S.A

West Coast Fixtures takes great pride in our commitment to our community, employing people within the U.S.A., reducing our transportation, and paying attention to our environmental footprint.  Our lead times for bakery fixtures and displays are typically six weeks from order approval, allowing you to open your store more quickly and with more certainty.  Because most of our raw materials are American-sourced and American-made, we can craft the finished product to solve your fixture needs within a reasonable time.

What do we mean when we say high-quality store fixtures? 

We use our expertise and knowledge in constructing store fixtures and displays to create options that are not only beautiful but well-made.  Cutting corners isn’t part of our manufacturing process – we build you solutions that provide longevity, strength, and durability.  We take a little more effort and time to incorporate a range of practices applied to many of our products.

The structural integrity of our fixtures is an essential aspect of our work. We take into consideration how shoppers and your merchandising practices impact the use of these fixtures. You require long-lasting fixtures that can take the daily wear and tear that your store or space encounters. We listen to your needs and integrate our craftsmanship for longevity and durability – here are the ways we offer high-quality construction for some of our fixtures and displays:

  • We use plywood instead of particleboard
  • Solid wood construction and trims, where appropriate
  • Dovetail drawers and soft-close mechanisms
  • Protective bumper guards and stainless-steel corner guards
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • Exterior grade solid wood lumber
  • Galvanized steel to prevent rusting
  • High-wear resistant top surfaces
  • Wall and island fixtures that bolt together to create a solid and continuous display
  • Flexible and versatile shelving arrangements
  • Wide range of finish options including solid wood, commercial flooring for high wear or moisture exposed surfaces, nonporous and durable laminates, and solid surface materials
  • Replacement parts for some fixtures to extend the life of our product

Our Commitment and Responsibility to the Environment

Being headquartered in Northern California, we are mindful of the need to design and construct our fixtures with environmental awareness.   We craft our baked goods fixtures for longevity, using sustainable materials whenever we can, and we build our fixtures right here in the USA, so transportation and fuel consumption are minimized. In addition, we consistently review our manufacturing process to minimize waste. We pledge within five years to reduce manufacturing waste by 50% through the implementation of corporate conservation policies and to consistently seek new initiatives that make a positive impact on the world and our communities.

We know this is also important to your company and your customers.  Therefore, we seek to create our displays with sustainability practices whenever possible. Partnering with us means we welcome input that brings mutual initiatives for sustainability together to a cohesive and conscious space that enhances your bakery section.

How do we start your journey to a bakery that showcases your freshly baked goods?

We can work with you and your team to design bakery display fixtures that reflect your brand’s identity, remain consistent across all locations, and prime you for additional rollouts. Plus, we will meet your budget and deadlines. We will collaborate with your team, whether they are store managers, owners, architects, interior designers, project managers, or general contractors.  Whether you are starting your brand, re-imagining it, or growing it – you will open new locations more quickly, be positioned for future growth, and provide your customers with a branded experience that inspires.

Contact us to start a long-lasting relationship built on integrity and the goal of your growth and success while serving your customers with the best shopping experience that you can offer.