Beverage Stations and Trash Receptacles

Provide convenient areas to get refills, return used items, and dispose of trash.

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We are here to help you solve all of your beverage & waste receptacles requirements. We identify the hallmarks of your brand – the touchstones that appeal to customers – and consider how to express them in beautiful and functional three-dimensional forms.

Our design team will work with you to provide your customers with an appealing experience that keeps them satisfied and coming back for more.

We begin every project by listening to fully understand your brand. We then collaborate with your team throughout the process to create in-store beverage stations & waste receptacles of the highest quality, value, craftsmanship & practicality. Great beverage stations & waste receptacles should be functional and easy to maintain and clean.

Your goal is to keep your cafe, cafeteria or restaurant running smoothly, while ensuring the very best customer experience. Our goal is to support you in delivering your brand vision by creating the perfect solution for your own unique needs & requirements.

Choosing the right bussing station solution

As the industry experts in customized beverage stations and waste fixtures, West Coast Fixtures has proven time again that attention to detail is the key to success. How much have you thought about the right design for your waste stations, even if you haven’t, your customers will be quick to judge if you don’t provide a practical and hygienic experience.

Choose a bussing station solution that gives your customers or staff the space to clean up with efficiency, ease and most importantly, without attracting any unwanted attention.

The choice of station materials is fundamental to creating a seamless brand experience.

When designing your bussing stations and trash receptacles, our experts will look at it from the following perspectives:

  • Who will use it? Will the station be self-service or waited table service?
  • What does the busser need to clean quickly and efficiently?
  • What will ensure the best possible customer experience?
  • How will the solution fit and compliment your unique space & environment?
  • What will it be used for? In other words, what features should it have?
  • Do you need casters for mobility?

Before we start designing, we take into account how you want people to move through your space. We review the measurements to make sure your bussing stations, tea and coffee station, waste receptacles, or condiment stations fit exactly to help create the perfect customer experience.

Where to place your trash receptacles and bussing stations?

Bussing stations are there to make the job of your wait staff easier, so that they can perform their tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s best to keep these stations easily accessible for your staff. The use of casters can help maximize efficiency & flexibility in your space.

Cleanliness & hygiene?

It is essential when dealing with trash & bussing stations, that customers feel confident in the cleanliness & hygiene of the station and its immediate surroundings. Providing confidence for your consumers is only possible if your stations are designed in a way that is easy to clean & maintain.

For beverage stations, bussing stations, and trash receptacles, we recommend the use of non-porous materials, such as laminates and solid surface acrylics. We use our knowledge of food safety and our NSF certification to minimize joints, crevices, and fasteners that can be food catches and difficult to clean.

Budgets and timelines?

Every business works with varying budgets, project timelines, and physical environments. Therefore, your store fixture needs are not likely to be met by  a generic solution.

Our highly talented & experienced design and craftspeople will work with you to create a brand experience that you and your customers will love.

Beverage waste receptacles & bussing stations from West Coast Fixtures

Unlike companies that offer one-off solutions, we are invested in your future. Together, we will develop customized, branded solutions that position you for growth and long-term success. Our team of innovators and master craftspeople are here and ready to help you.