Banquette Seating

Offer comfortable, impressive seating for customers and guests.

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Welcome to our selection of banquette seating solutionsWe love designing perfect seating solutions that transform your restaurant into a great space and experience for your customers.

West Coast Fixtures can design the perfect banquette seating solution that considers your unique environment and your customer needs, resulting in increased levels of customer satisfaction and sales revenue.

No one knows your brand, your products and your customers better than you. And, when you combine this knowledge with our vast experience in developing seating solutions, your revenue and the quality of your customers’ experience can be taken to the next level.

What is banquette seating?

Banquette seats are bench-type that can be put together to create booths either built against wallsor freestanding banquette seats.

To help ensure the very best customer dining experience you will need to invest wisely in custom banquette seating. Your customers will demand not just a great dining experience but be compelled to come back again and gain through complimenting your exquisite food with a comfortable and social enhanced seating experience.

Our banquette seating solutions are designed to be highly flexible. Allowing you to configured seating into any number of shapes and sizes, to compliment your restaurant or commercial space. When you choose West Coast Fixtures, you can select banquette seats in varying sizes enabling you to accommodate groups of all sizes to make the very best use of your commercial space.

Banquette bench seating styles

We have many seating style options to suit your own unique requirements. Booth seating allows you to create an intimate, private ‘room within a room’.

Corner booth seating and banquette seats installed against walls can help you maximize the number of people you can seat in your restaurant, without forcing you to compromise on aisle space for staff and customers to flow freely through your space.

Discuss: Seating and/or back surfaces can be wood or upholstered in a selection of standard materials or customer provided vinyl, fabric, or leather.

You can increase the height of the back of the banquette bench to serve as a privacy partition.

Freestanding banquette seats can serve as focal points in a larger restaurants or spaces, or even breakout seating, so you can create a space for customers to work from while dining.

Our customized banquette seats ensure that you receive furniture built to your exact specifications. We take away the worry about whether a piece is too large or too small for your space.

Where can I buy custom banquette booth seating?

If you’re looking for something exceptional and unique that fits your vision, choose to collaborate with our team of experience experts.

Custom designed banquette booth seating from West Coast Fixtures

Unlike companies that offer one-off solutions, we are invested in your future. Together, we’ll develop customized, seating solutions that position you for growth and long-term success. Our team of innovators and master craftspeople are here and ready to help you.