Grocery & Supermarket Fixtures & Displays

At West Coast Fixtures we take pride in our grocery store fixtures crafted with your brand, budget, and products in mind. Our fixtures are crafted from high-quality materials, and we offer display solutions for every kind of merchandise sold in a grocery store to a supermarket. 

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A leading national grocery chain with over 100 stores wanted to expand its reach by adding hundreds of new outlets. The challenge involved creating grocery store displays that met the brand’s farm-to-table mission – especially in the produce, bakery, and flower aisles.


We worked with the chain’s architects to develop grocery displays that could be installed quickly at the job site. The look of all the store’s fixtures – their colors, materials, and finishes – stayed true to the brand’s rustic feel. The company continued partnering with us for years, updating its materials and finishes as its brand’s identity evolved. 

We are committed to helping you create a custom environment in your grocery store or supermarket. We have designed and manufactured NSF Certified (food safety) and UL Listed (electrical) food demonstration and preparation carts as well as UL Listed checkstands. Using our knowledge of the certification processes we can design and produce qualifying fixtures tailored to your needs. Our store displays and fixtures are designed to appeal to your customers, make your staff’s day-to-day activities more manageable, and most important, help you sell more merchandise throughout your store with fixtures that make sense to you.

Our design team will assist you in creating your brand’s unique in-store experience bringing value and detail to every fixture and display in your store.  We spend the time to truly listen to your needs and requirements, to create a unique and special grocery shopping experience that is appealing to each customer who visits your business.

Grocery store and supermarket display solutions

Whether you are looking for grocery displays and fixtures for your Health Food Store, Natural Food Store, Asian Grocery, Mexican Grocery, Latin Grocery, or other kind of Grocery or Supermarket, we have a wide range of customizable options and materials that help you create a unified brand experience. Our displays are both functional and beautiful so you can spotlight your more perishable food items and avoid spoilage.

Bread and Baked Goods

Standard and customized Bakery Display Cases with high-quality wood for your fresh baked goods, needs, and functionality, including bread stands, baguette stands, sweets display, and tortilla stand.

Checkstands and Point of Sale

Standard and customized checkstands and point of sale fixtures with high-quality wood for your grocery store’s brand, needs, and functionality, including point of sale displays, information kiosks, podiums, and mobile check stands.

Floral Displays

Showcase your fresh flowers and potted plants in our floral displays that can be configured in numerous ways with our high-quality, efficient, and beautiful natural wood display stands as well as galvanized metal floral buckets.

Produce Fixtures and Banana Racks

Produce fixtures and grocery store displays customized with high-quality wood for your grocery or retail store’s brand, needs, and functionality, including produce islands, tables, and bins, as well as banana racks and farm stands to showcase your organic fruits and vegetables.


Custom signage and chalkboard Signs elevate your grocery store’s aesthetic with attention-grabbing advertising for your sales and promotions while being trendy, eco-friendly, sustainable, and efficient for you to change your brand messaging for featured products and specials.

We also carry a range of other fixtures important to a grocery store environment, including menu boards, trash receptacles, display counters, retail shelving, and more. 

Grocery store displays and fixtures

We understand that your business is unique, with its own set of goals, structures, and trends that change over time. Therefore, we work hard to bring you display ideas and quality grocery store fixtures that help your merchandise stand at the point of purchase. We can configure our fixtures to specialty and ethnic grocery stores including health food, natural food, Asian, Latin, and Mexican groceries – from produce displays to sweet tables to tortilla stands.

Our fixtures can be configured to overcome any specific challenges that your business faces. We can work with you to create a cohesive, uniform look with customized grocery store fixtures by complimenting your unique décor and brand experience with quality displays and fixtures.

Devise the perfect display layout for your grocery, fresh produce, and products

These are just some of the benefits of going with high-quality custom grocery store fixtures:

  • You choose from a wide range of displays and fixtures that compliment your space, customers’ shopping style, and staff movement, creating the ideal personalized shopping experience that you envision.
  • Create gorgeous and inviting areas in your store that showcase the grocery products you want to move, whether they are perishable items, impulse buys, or sale items you need to move from your stock. Easy to shop from and accessible to stock fixtures that transform your store into a unique shopping experience.
  • Display seasonal items and florals with ease at the front of your store
  • Checkstands and end caps that allow your customers to check out at a more natural environment with high-quality wood – relaxing your customers as they shop
  • Create a memorable shopping experience that starts the moment someone enters your store to when they leave
  • Work with our design team, take your display solutions to the next level, and we’ll help you design fixtures and configurations that complement your products and your customer’s grocery shopping habits
  • Design grocery store shelving, display tables, bins, and more that cater to your business’s day to day operations
  • We are here to help you design logical displays that will showcase your products at their absolute best.

What customization options do we offer?

We offer a range of customization for our catalog products; we take our standard fixtures and create custom products that meet your branding and aesthetic needs.  This is achieved by offering a wide range of colors and materials you can choose from that allows you to put your stamp on.

Materials:  color and finishes

The best way to stand out and solidify your business’s aesthetic, branding, and functionality is to customize with finishes or colors – creating the exact ambiance that speaks to your clientele.

  • Wood – Choose from solid, veneer, or reclaimed lumber. We can clear coat it, stain it, paint it, pickle it, or leave it in its untouched state of natural beauty. We use stains, paints, and topcoats that are lead-free, low-VOC, and LEED recommended!
  • Melamine and Laminates – Select from a wide range of materials, from rustic to modern, from textured to high-gloss.
  • Metals – Manufactured corner guards, display frames, toe-kicks, shelf supports—you name it—from stainless steel, black iron, or aluminum. Sprayed, powder-coated, or aged. You decide.
  • Glass – Sneeze-guards, display cases, shelving… whatever works for your brand and style. We’ll help choose the thickness and type that is best suited for the application.
  • Plastics – Greeting cardholders, floral vases, or displays. Choose a thickness, finish, and color. We’ll CNC-machine or laser-cut it. Assemble it. Brand it.

Custom dimensions to fit your space

Many of our fixtures can be easily dimensioned to fit your space. Some of these fixtures include: Sweets Tables, Display Boxes, Floral Displays, Coffee Counters and Tasting Carts, Slat Walls, Produce Tables and Produce Wall Displays, Signs and Frames, Menu Boards, and Wine Displays. Call us to discuss your needs.

Custom fixtures unique to your brand, space, and design intent

Custom fixture design – If we can’t configure an existing product to meet your space and design theme, we can design one for you. Call us to discuss your needs.

We create unique fixtures that are highly functional, durable, easy to maintain, and consistent at each of your store locations. We have practical knowledge of the processes needed for all types of display and can design and produce fixtures tailored to the needs of your unique retail space and product range.

Contact us to get started creating the customized grocery store environment you envision today.