Restaurant Fixtures & Displays

Your restaurant is unique, and your displays and fixtures should be too!  We offer a wide range of restaurant furniture, displays, and fixtures made with high-quality materials that will compliment your branding and aesthetics, as well as enhance the dining experience of your customers. 

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An artisanal pizza chain in Northern California was looking to create upscale environments. The company was looking for a complete experience, and the various restaurant fixtures included banquette seating, a fire pit, a full bar, and tables. 


To match the eatery’s aesthetic style, we needed to create restaurant fixtures that conveyed an upscale, cosmopolitan feel. Working with the chain’s designers, we relied on dark woods and leather accents to create a package of fixtures that included banquette seating, solid wood tables, and a full bar with “floating” glass shelves. We also created the popular eatery’s fire-pit seating area for large parties. 

Whether you have a restaurant, a cozy café, or branded chain of restaurant stores – our displays and fixtures can be customized to the way you run your business, make it easier for your staff to maintain and clean, as well as create the dining experience you desire.

A good restaurant experience is all about the complete dining experience, from the food and service to providing the very best interiors. West Coast Fixtures are experts at creating customized displays and fixtures for restaurants. Your restaurant’s requirements are unique, which is why we encourage you to come to us with any ideas or designs that you know will elevate your restaurant both in a functional and a visual sense.

Custom Restaurant Displays and Fixtures

Our goal is to help grow the success of your restaurant with our customized displays and fixtures.

Some of the restaurant furniture, displays, and fixtures we offer include:

Banquette Seating

We craft banquette seating that is easy to install and maintain, from comfortable to rustic seating solutions for your diner, restaurant, bar, taqueria, pizzeria, or dining area.  We take your branding and aesthetic and elevate your custom booth and banquette seating to the level your customers expect from their dining experience.

Table Tops

Custom table tops for your restaurant, café, or other dining space that are durable enough to last. Wood, laminate, melamine, or solid surface table tops that showcase your brand and the foods and drinks you serve on them, whether for an intimate couple or a large group.

Casework and Counters

Well-crafted casework transforms your space into a functional and organized environment designed and built according to your business needs, specifications, and branding, including under-counter storage and wall shelving.

Wine Displays

Showcase your wine and liquor bottles in your bar or restaurant with our custom-designed wine displays and racks, including our hinged wine barrel and wine cart.  Stand out while featuring your best premium wines and wine-tasting events.


Custom wood benches and seating can transform your dining and waiting areas into a comfortable and inviting space that is functional, robust, and beautiful.  Incorporate your branding and add a special touch to any outdoor or indoor commercial space.

Menu Boards and Signage

Custom signage and chalkboard signs that elevate your restaurant aesthetic with attention-grabbing advertising for your sales and promotions while being trendy, eco-friendly, sustainable, and efficient for you to change out your messaging for featured products and specials.

Beverage Stations and Trash Receptacles

Beverage stations, return carts, and trash receptacles help your customers self-serve their refreshments, return their trays, and dispose of their trash with easy-to-use functionality.  Designed to work with your aesthetic and branding while easy for your staff to maintain and keep clean.

We also offer a range of fixtures, including hostess stations, point of service, check stands, and other additions to your dining establishment.

High-quality custom design and craftsmanship

At West Coast Fixtures, we build to your brand, budget, and product needs in a collaborative relationship with you, your interior designer, and architect.  Our displays and fixtures are crafted from high-quality materials, and we offer solutions for restaurants, cafés, taquerias, nightclubs, bistros, lounges, pubs, bars, buffets, cafeterias, pizzerias, and outdoor dining areas.

Displays and fixtures that enhance your restaurant

These are just some of the benefits of going with high-quality restaurant displays and fixtures:

  • You choose from a wide range of displays and fixtures that are customized to your space, including table tops, counters, and other types of shelving and storage
  • Create spaces that feature displays, tables, and banquette seating that welcome your customers and create a comfortable dining experience at your restaurant.
  • Display your menu, specials, and greetings with our high-quality menu boards, chalkboards, and signage customized to your branding and made with a wide range of materials, including woods, veneers, and laminates.
  • Hostess stations, beverage stations, merchandise shelving, and other extras that complete the dining experience in your restaurant.

What customization options do we offer?

We offer a range of customization for our catalog products; we take our standard fixtures and create custom products that meet your branding and aesthetic needs.  This is achieved by offering a wide range of colors and materials you can choose from that allows you to put your stamp on.

Materials:  color and finishes

The best way to stand out and solidify your business’s aesthetic, branding, and functionality is to customize with finishes or colors – creating the exact ambiance that speaks to your clientele.

  • Wood – Choose from solid, veneer, or reclaimed lumber. We can clear coat it, stain it, paint it, pickle it, or leave it in its untouched state of natural beauty. We use stains, paints, and topcoats that are lead-free, low-VOC, and LEED recommended!
  • Melamine and Laminates – Select from a wide range of materials, from rustic to modern, from textured to high-gloss.
  • Metals – Manufactured corner guards, display frames, toe-kicks, shelf supports—you name it—from stainless steel, black iron, or aluminum. Sprayed, powder-coated, or aged. You decide.
  • Glass – Sneeze-guards, display cases, shelving… whatever works for your brand and style. We’ll help choose the thickness and type that is best suited for the application.
  • Plastics – Greeting cardholders, floral vases, or displays. Choose a thickness, finish, and color. We’ll CNC-machine or laser-cut it. Assemble it. Brand it.

Custom dimensions to fit your space

Many of our fixtures can be easily dimensioned to fit your space. Some of these fixtures include: Banquette Seating, Table Tops, Menu Boards, Signage, Wine Displays Hostess Stations, Beverage Stations, Outdoor Benches, Trash Receptacles, and Return Carts. Call us to discuss your needs.

Custom fixtures unique to your brand, space, and design intent

Custom fixture design – If we can’t configure an existing product to meet your space and design theme, we can design one for you. Call us to discuss your needs.

Contact us to collaborate and create the restaurant that you have dreamed of.