Floral Displays

Display flowers, plants, and ancillary items on custom potters’ racks.

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We work with you to help you solve your flower & floral display requirements. We identify the hallmarks of your brand – the touchstones that appeal to customers – and consider how to showcase your flowers & floral displays in beautiful yet practical display solutions.

Our master craftspeople will work with you to provide your customers with an appealing shopping experience that keeps them engaged and coming back for more.

We begin every project by listening to fully understand your brand. We then collaborate with your team throughout the process to create in-store flower & floral displays of the highest quality, value, and craftsmanship.

You know your brand and customers better than anyone else. When you partner with West Coast Fixtures, we will assist you at every step of the way in selecting and designing floral display solutions that will take your sales revenue and customers’ experience to the next level.

Choosing the right flower shop display

First impressions should be memorable and pleasurable. If your customers don’t like what they see, immediately, you could be waving them goodbye. As a florist, choosing the right flower display stands will be a key decision in building a highly successful business. We are here to help you at every step of the way.

Achieving the perfect floral shop display

To achieve the perfect floral shop display, you will first need to consider your space and your store environment.

You need to create enough space in-between your floral displays for your potential customers to walk through. Encouraging customers to browse your displays by allowing enough space to avoid them tripping over the flower display stands or their fellow shoppers.

Flower shop display options

Of course, there are several ways to showcase flowers in your shop. The most common is a front window display. This is ideal for smaller shops. You can also place your flowers in vases on a plant display shelf or flower display racks.

Shops and store environments can vary vastly which is why we allow for fully customizable display options. Your store and requirements are unique which is why we allow you to come to us with any ideas or designs that you might have. No dream is unrealistic, we will custom make floral display stands according to your unique vision.

Flower shop display accessories

Add-on display accessories can make your floral displays more attractive. They can also make your flowers look taller. Accessories can be anything from candles and beads to plastic shapes and painted wire.

At West Coast Fixtures, we offer a wide range of services and solutions to meet your floral display needs. We’ll work with your team to design everything from display stands to shelves and racks.

With our vast experienced craftspeople, you can trust us to find a or design a custom solution that fits your budget & project timelines.

What materials are best suited for floral displays?

We use several materials such as wood, glass, plastics and metals. For the wood displays, you have the choice of veneer, reclaimed lumber and solid wood.

Custom designed floral displays from West Coast Fixtures

Give us a call to explore how an existing design or a fully customized solution can help you meet your budget and deadline, while creating an inspiring customer and brand experience. Our team of innovators and master craftspeople are here and ready to help you.