Enhance the dining experience with solid tabletops.

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Welcome to our unique selection of coffee shop & restaurant tables.

The right coffee shop or restaurant tables will have a direct impact on your sales revenue. This is why West Coast Fixtures can design the perfect solution that considers your product, your customer and your brand, taking your restaurant or coffee shop to the next level in customer experience and satisfaction.

No one knows your brand, your products and your customers better than you. And, when you combine this knowledge with our  experience in developing table display solutions, you will quickly find this to be a winning partnership, that accelerates your coffee shop or restaurants growth and business success.

Dining tables for restaurants and coffee shops

We understand the fast-paced world of restaurants and coffee shops and how you, as a business owner, need to make the right decisions to accommodate and delight your customers. Adaptability is key to modern business survival, and your choice of tables should play a pivotal role in meeting your exact business requirements.

If you are looking for tables that are durable yet easily adaptable forindoor spaces or table tops that can withstand frequent cleaning then you have come to the right place.

West Coast Fixtures will collaborate with you to carry your brand identify through to the very nuts and bolts of your tables that will help create an experience that your customers will love.

Coffee shops and restaurants have become social hubs and in more recent times have also become a workplace with free Wi-Fi and plug points as a customer necessity. Your tables need to align with your customers’ needs, from comfort to look-feel and technical practicality.

Custom table tops allow you to be flexible; and choose the exact thickness to create the authentic look and customer experience for your brand. Whether you are looking for coffee shop tables or counter height dining tables, our experienced and knowledgeable technical team will help guide you in creating the very best customer experience.

Counter height dining tables

Your restaurant interior embodies the character of your establishment and is key to generating the all-important word-of-mouth factor in an #instagrammable world. West Coast Fixtures can offer design solutions for counter height tables that will add that extra wow factor to your dining spaces.

Customize your restaurant dining tables

Our secret is to bring your brand story into the heart of your store with customized restaurant tables with high-quality workmanship and using environmentally sustainable materials. Without sacrificing the practical requirements of everyday usage, maintenance and cleanliness. A partnership with West Coast Fixtures is about realizing your vision, within budget and on time.

The right color for your restaurant dining table

Traditional elements can bring about feelings of familiarity and comfort. The more comfortable your diners are, the more likely they are to dine for longer.  Wood elements and materials can help carry the theme of the outdoors, inside. At West Coast Fixtures, we have the widest selection of woods, laminates, and quality treatments that will accurately enhance your brands’ identity.

Each type of material used in our high-quality tables brings its own unique characteristics, with different degrees of color, style, and warmth.

We believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients. Our talented and experienced team of designers and craftsmen are totally focused on creating quality restaurant dining tables or coffee shop tables for your business.

Custom designed restaurant tables & table tops from West Coast Fixtures

Give us a call to explore how an existing design or a fully customized solution can help you meet your budget and deadline, while creating an inspiring customer and brand experience. Our team of innovators and master craftspeople are here and ready to help you.