Keep your workspace clean with under-counter storage and wall shelving units.

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Welcome to our range of unique custom cabinets & casework solutions. We will help you enhance your customers’ in-store experience through our functional & beautifully crafted custom cabinets & casework. Our custom cabinets & casework are designed to meet both your budget and project deadlines, whilst projecting your brands’ unique DNA. We can fully customize our designs to meet your own unique requirements.

Choosing the best cabinets & casework will directly and positively impact your sales volumes. We can design the perfect solution by considering both your product, your customer and your desired brand essence. Let us help you, to take your store to the next level in customer experience.

You know your customers, products and brand better than anyone else, when you combine your knowledge with our team of vastly experienced craftspeople you will quickly find a winning combination to create in-store cabinets & casework to meet your vision and create an environment that will inspire your customers.

Wall shelving units

Wall shelving units are display systems with multiple shelves fixed to a wall. They can serve as retail product displays, but you can also use them for holding decorations and accessories to enhance you in-store experience. Let our experienced team guide you by suggesting the little touches that will lead to a unique customer experience and store environment.

Types of wall shelving units

We use a wide variety of materials depending on your own unique installation brief. Wherever possible we will use environmentally sustainable materials.

Wood is not only durable but also gorgeous. We offer solid, veneer, or reclaimed lumber, where you can opt to have it clear coated, stained, painted, pickled, or you can choose to leave it in its natural and beautiful state.

Metal shelving is also known for being tough, durable as well as being easy to clean. It makes a great choice for industrial-style brand aesthetics.

Shelving units made from glass can give your retail space an elegant classy look. We’ll advise you on the appropriate thickness and type depending on the intended use. But it is not all about looks: the structure must be strong, durable and easily cleaned.

Our manufacturing process involves either CNC machining or laser cutting, assembling and can be complimented with custom branding.

Under counter storage cabinets or display shelves made from melamine offer the durability of wood without the higher cost. Finish choices include textured, high-gloss, and rustic finishes.

Under cabinet storage

The areas under your cabinets are often underutilized and can be turned into your commercial advantage and reduce unwanted clutter that can sometimes undermine your in-store customer experience.

We design under cabinets and under sink storage solutions to help maximize your retail space. These include pull-out drawers, hanging wall baskets, pull-down racks, and under cabinet knife blocks. These are just a few examples of our custom solutions, ask our team of experienced craftspeople on how to maximise your under-cabinet storage space.

Casework storage & display systems

Our clever casework solutions help keep your retail space clean and organized with high-quality display and storage units. Whatever your industry, we can create a fixture or display system customized to meet your budget and deadline.

Custom built wall shelf system designs

Our expert designers use the very latest design tools & software like AutoCAD, AlphaCAM, SketchUp, and Cabinet Vision to create wall shelving units that are fully tailored to meet your exact needs.

How to choose the right wall-mounted shelving unit?

We start by understanding your store layout and choose shelves that ensure the effective display of products and ease the flow of your customers movement through your store. We will then work with you and your team to determine a budget and then stick to it.

How to install under cabinet storage?

Our cabinet storage is custom made for installation in your unique environment. Even after shipping and delivery, we remain in contact with your team to ensure the proper installation of your new storage systems.

Custom designed custom cabinets and casework from West Coast Fixtures

We design and manufacture retail displays and fixtures tailored to meet your specified budget & project timeline. We ensure this through effective communication with your team throughout the design and development phase.

By partnering with us, you’ll benefit from our years of experience and dedication through which we have cultivated an environment of collaboration and creativity that inspires every project we take on. We will work with your team to create a brand experience we know your customers will love. Our team of innovators and master craftspeople are here and ready to help you.


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